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📹 Tubely Video Sharing like Youtube - New Template from Zeroqode


Tubely - Video Sharing like Youtube Template is a no-code template just like Youtube that allows its users to upload, view, share, comment on videos and subscribe to other video channels. This template enables you share videos with loved ones just like you would on Youtube.


  • Fully responsive pages and user dashboard.
  • Fully responsive Admin Dashboard for overall admin management and deleting users or copyrighted videos.
  • Function Search Feature for video searches.
  • Dynamic Video Playback
  • Videos can be stored at the highest quality.
  • Commenting Videos
  • Watch History
  • Liked Videos

Live demo: https://tubely.bubbleapps.io/

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Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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You stated that it’s only for personal use. Could this be allowed other users to create and publish there own videos and register themselves!

Yes, definitely, which part of description exactly was confusing? Please let us know so we correct that.

Hey Team ZQ - quick question regarding this template. It’s based on uploaded (rather than linked) videos. If my understanding is correct, these uploaded videos are then hosted by Bubble, correct? If so, do you have any sense for the ongoing costs of hosing those videos? As a proof of concept I’m sure the costs are low, but we have a project that could scale to 1,000+ videos of 30-60 minutes each all in high definition, so we’re wondering what costs would look like for that if it happens.

When you were building this, did you guys do any research around pricing on that side? If so it would be super helpful to know it.


Hi there,
I am using the template you created “Tubely” but unfortunately the video can’t open in fullscreen, I tried to check the html you are using for the video but I am blocked.
Your help would be very appreciated!
All the best,

Hello @lossoanthony

Thanks for reaching out!
Have you tested on different device, screen sizes etc?
Can you share with us more details, like OS, browser version, console.logs , steps to reproduce the issue, have you made any changes in the HTML code snippet or any other things that might help us?

Thanks for understanding :pray:

Hi @Dumitru

Thanks for your help. I didn’t do any changes to the HTML code as you can find attached. The fullscreen only works when the browser page is in full screen. Maybe it is an issue from video.js ?


Hi @lossoanthony

Sorry for late reply.
We could not reproduce the issue on our side on the template. If you could provide more details we could take a look at it.
Without specifics it is going to be hard to debug ,especially if changes were made.
If you’re using the video.js 3rd party plugin, I would recommend you check with it’s publisher for support on that.
Thanks for understanding.


Hi @Dumitru,

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it. The only ,modification I did on the “Watch” webpage is to move the video a little bit at the top. (when I display as an iframe it works but I don’t want to use it as an iframe)
Please find below the html of the video:

Hello @lossoanthony

We still cannot reproduce the issue within our template with full screen. It opens correctly in FF and Chrome while we tested both desktop/ responsive mobile (both landscape and portrait):

The HTML player is like this:

If you’d like more control other the current basic implementation using the js player script, you could check out our video player plugins:

hope this helps.


Hi, I have purchased the template, I liked it, but I can only upload videos of max 50mb, how could I increase the video upload size? and what changes would I need to make in my application?

Hello @nowxoel

Thanks for purchase and kind words. :pray:

The upload file size limit on Bubble is up to 5Gb - https://bubble.io/reference#Elements.FileInput.max_size

As far as I see it still a Beta feature, you can reference to this thread - https://forum.bubble.io/t/new-feature-beta-large-file-uploads/84395 for more details.

Also we provide our own solution to host videos on AWS S3 bucket for example via plugin - https://zeroqode.com/plugin/aws-file-uploader-1533465056312x784389392881156100
Check documentation for more details - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/aws-file-uploader-plugin

Kind Regards,

Hi Dimitru, I see, thanks, I guess the template was created before the update, that’s why it had the limit of 50 mb, but I already modified it, anyway I will take a look at the plugin to not have load limits in my application, thanks.

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