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Turn off user upload

I like the YouTube theme but I don’t want anyone to upload content, only me and a select few users that I choose. Can I turn this feature off for everyone and then turn it on for a few people?

My end goal is to have this in the App Store as a paid app.

Also, can we cross themes? Like YouTube and Spotify theme?

I’d like to know before I make any purchases. Thanks so much in advance.

Hi, @marinovia87!

Thanks for reaching out!

Please note that the functionality of the template “Tubely” includes the feature to upload the video file by anyone. Although, after the template purchase, you can add any feature on your own, as per the fact all our templates are fully customizable.

Regarding your second question – yes, it’s possible to combine two templates. But please note that the copy-pasting workflows would require manual manipulation because they are tied to the database structure. Even if you recreate the same database structure, Bubble won’t automatically match the new databased fields and would show an error so you would need to manually reconcile each occurrence where it doesn’t see the databased field. Copying just visual elements is more simple of course.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know :slight_smile: