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📰 Tweedly - Microblogs like Twitter Template - updated to new Bubble Responsive Engine

Hello everybody :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re happy to announce that we finished updating our Tweedly - Microblogs like Twitter | No-Code Template by Zeroqode to the new Bubble Responsive Engine. It’s a fully-responsive app across any user device.

Tweedly is a no-code template for microblogging and social networking services. It comes with the functionality that allows registered users to post, like, reply and retweet tweets. Users also can send direct messages to each other.

If you are looking to build a platform similar to Twitter, this template is the perfect one.


  • User Authentication
  • Tweeting & Retweeting
  • Replying to Tweets
  • Direct Messages between users
  • Following and unfollowing users.
  • Fully mobile responsive pages
  • Admin Dashboard




Ecaterina Cheptini
QA & Support @Zeroqode (1)

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Hello Ecaterina.
I highly interest in making a social network and using a template from Zeroqode to win time. I read the documentation, but I’m requesting some additional information, possible? The Tweedly could be customized with plugins? Mix with “Classify” theme or “we vote”? Do you advise to make closer to some external developers to help?
Thanks by advance,
Stephane -France Britany

Hi @ideonautes01, thanks for reaching out.

Allow me to reply to your questions on behalf of my colleague.

Yes to both questions. Our template is highly customizable so it is up to you how to adjust or edit the default template set that you’ve purchased.
In case you would like to add one more template to the setup or add Tweedly to another app, please be sure to have all data types & plugins that are used by the app that is added.
You can see them in Data & Plugins tab correspondingly.

That might depend on the project budget and your will to dedicate your own effort and time to the template customization (some advanced knowledge of Bubble would help).
In case you would like to hire a developer for that, I would recommend checking the Freelance section at the Bubble forum: Jobs / Freelance - Bubble Forum or check on UpWork or Fiverr for Bubble freelancer development offers.

Hope these answers help. If there will be any other questions about the template default setup, please let me know.


Hi Serg

Thank you for your answer.
So I bought the Tweedly template on Bubble.
As you know, on Bubble, you cannot pair two templates. You can only add plug-ins and customize the template.
You confirm that a template can be linked to the existing one on Bubble?
Classify (map) in Tweedly. Maybe there are intermediate solutions? Thank you for giving me additional information regarding this possible addition. I will then buy “Classify” or a Zeroqode plug-in with the same possibilities (if exists, tell me).
Thank you in advance

Hi @ideonautes01, thanks for your reply.

Having two apps opened editors from the same Bubble account, you can copy&paste a certain page with all elements (for example from the Tweedly template to the target app).

Just to be sure I’ve understood you right, you are thinking about a map plugin?
In this case, I would advise checking two of our plugin that has such features:

Hope this helps. Please let me know if there are any other questions about our products that we can help with.


Hi Serg, thanks for this excellent reply.

I would like a map with filters that shows contributions of several types with colors markers.

I will try these plugins; may be with the help of a developer for the integration.

(It must be after compatible with Android and Ios).


Hi Serg,
I have another question, if I may (I did not find it on the forums).
On Tweedly, when I want to preview a page of the app under construction on Bubble, the page make a redirection all the time automatically on the index page. Do I have to configure this in the database (permission) or in the workflows. I tried several solutions, without success.
If you have the solution to avoid this permanent redirection, I take it!
Best regard

Excuse me. I just read the Admin Rights of the documentation, can you explain:
“After all that you might want to delete the SpecialRight datatype and the BuyTemplate popup form the admin_panel. For a better understanding check the image bellow.”
thanks by advance,

Hi @ideonautes01, thanks for your reply.

To preview a page that is shown only to a registered user, please use one of the user profiles that are already registered within your app, using the “Run as” option:

Sorry for unclear supporting image, here are more detailed ones:

Hope this helps. If any other questions will appear, you know where to find me :wink:


Great job. Thanks a lot for all these explanations.
It’s works, now let’s go!
Bonne journée et merci.



@ideonautes01 you’re welcome :hugs:

Have a great day ahead!


ok just to know about your possible contribution to my project
The agency Zeroqode offers courses and personal development, isn’t it, specially with the template you made I guess, so to customize the Tweedly template with plug ins and some personalizations, how much does it cost, an average of amount if possible would be welcome just to see if my budget is consistent with.

Hi @ideonautes01, thanks for your inquiry.

We provide Customization services both for our templates and from scratch as well.

We’re usually working on projects that start with the range of 8-12k USD to make sure we can deliver something both, we and our customers can be proud of :slight_smile:

Read more about how this works:
Some examples from our portfolio:

Our customers about working with us on and

To get you the effort estimates we need to have the requirements about the project shared first.

If all of that looks good - please send us a request with the details of your project, and one of our managers will get back to you:


Hi Serghei,
I use this channel to ask a question if possible.

The development of my app with the template Tweedy is in a good way. Normally v1 finish half of September.

My request is now about the Mapbox plug in; we want to make an additional functionality with different sorts of contributions.

I precise that i have already a Mapbox account.


-When using the mapbox map plugin for geocoding, do we need to connect to google geocode api?

-Can we show a information within a tooltip when a mapbox marker is clicked? If yes, how to do it?

-Is the price 45$ per application or 45$/year for the application?

Thanks by advance



Hi @ideonautes01,

Thanks for reaching out!

Glad to hear that your app is on the right track :hugs:

As far as I understand your question, you don’t need to enable additional Geocode API. You can use the “Add Geocoder” action without the need to connect any additional things.

There are a few ways to achieve your goal. The easiest one, is while you are using the “Add a list of markers” action, you can set the “Description” field with the value you want to show near the marker, after you have clicked on it.



Another way is using the “Marker is clicked” event - you can attach any possible action to this event. Or using the “Display the popup on hoover” action.

The price of 45$ is a one time payment for the plugin, but you can use this plugin only within the app you purchased it to.

Hope this answered all your questions :smiley:

Let us know if you have any other questions that need an answer!
Best regards :pray: