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Tweedly Template making hashtags clickable

Hi, I am developing a Twitter like application using paid Zeroquode platform. I have 2 questions: 1.The hashtags that we generate at this platform are NOT clickable. How do me make them clickable. 2. At Twitter, when we click on a hashtag or a profile, and then if you tend to create a tweet, that hastag and or that profile automatically populates in the box where you are trying to create a tweet.

Hello, @gauri.patil. Thanks for reaching out.

As I may know, the Tweedly template does not have the hashtag functionality and, as you have noticed, adding # manually to the tweet does nothing. There are few ways to implement the hashtag functionality:

  1. use the Flat & Modern Tags plugin (for preset hashtags, this plugin won’t recognize the manually added hashtags, but will work with a pre-saved list of hashtags);
  2. use the Tagger plugin - https://forum.bubble.io/t/new-plugin-tagger/18909
    or the Hashtag Highlighter plugin;
  3. I’d like to recommend you use the ZQ Rich Text Editor 2.0 plugin - example;
  4. try to add this functionality manually - https://forum.bubble.io/t/is-there-a-way-to-only-make-part-of-a-text-clickable-or-seperate-actions-when-clicked/32059

Unfortunately, Zeroqode does not have the course on how to create a Tweeter-like app with the hashtag functionality you’ve mentioned. But still, perhaps this Bubble course can be useful for you:

I hope these variants will be useful for you :pray:

Thanks . Will Try and reach you

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Actually I want to make single hashtag or mention in the text message clickable so that by clicking on it we can go to other page . Is this possible in any way ?


To make it possible, you need to set the logic for recognizing your input with the hashtag in it. It is doable, but I have no guidance on how you can do it, unfortunately.

As the fast and comfortable alternative, I recommend you to try the ZQ Rich Text Editor 2.0 plugin. It handles the functionality you want to have. Please check it’s description and demo page to make sure it can come in handy.

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face: