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Twilio Plugin - Alphanumeric Sender IDs


I received the following message from Twilio regarding the French market :

Stop using French Mobile Phone Numbers for A2P SMS traffic by 30 September 2022. If you want to send A2P SMS traffic, Twilio recommends two options:

1. [Alphanumeric Sender IDs (ASIDs)] allow you to send Twilio programmable SMS messages from a personalized string (i.e., brand name or company name). Alphanumeric Sender IDs are ideal for transactional messaging purposes (i.e., One Time Passwords, account notifications, etc.) because they’re only available for one-way outbound messages**;** recipients can’t reply directly to messages. However, contact information can be included in the message body for recipients to respond to.

  • Messages sent using Alphanumeric Sender IDs improve brand recognition and are more likely to be opened because recipients see your brand’s name with each SMS. You can obtain an Alphanumeric Sender ID in France for no cost (messaging rates still apply)****.

To enable follow these simple steps:

  • Access the
  • Click Settings.
  • From the General SMS Settings page, verify that “Alphanumeric Sender ID” is set to Enabled.

Simply add the Sender ID you want to use as the From parameter.

==> But when we change the Sender ID in the zeroqode plugin it bugs

Can you please assist ?

Hello, @benjamin.blachere
Thanks for reaching out and for this information.

Please allow us to discuss the information above with our Developer team. We need to check if our plugin could process the Alphanumeric Sender IDs.
We will revert with an update once this point will be reviewed by our team.

Best regards,

Thanks Ecaterina, looking forward to your answer.

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Hello, @benjamin.blachere
Thanks for your patience.

I would like to note that firstly, you need to enable Alphanumeric Sender ID from the Twilio console:

In case you can’t enable it, you need to write a request to the Twilio team for approving this parameter on your side.

If pre-registration is not required, you can instantly get a Sender ID. You can simply add the Sender ID you need in the field “senderPhonen”:

This field could be used as a Brand name for the SMS.

Please try this solution and let me know if it was convenient for you.
Best regards,