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Twilio - Send Text Messages plugin

Hello guys,

When I send a text with the content of a multi line input, the line breaks appears in the received text as \n

Could you help with that ?

There’s something about it in twilio doc : How do I Add a Line Break in my SMS or MMS Message? – Twilio Support

Thank you

Hello @sheme, thank you for your patience.

Sorry to hear that you have issues with sending a multi line message. In order to check it from our side we will need so more time to investigate and find a solution for your use case.

As soon as there will be an update I will post a message in this thread and let you know about the results.

Thank you for understanding.

Have a great rest of the day! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @sheme, hope this message finds you well.

Thank you for your patience.
We are currently working on updating the plugin based on the Twilio library, sorry for the inconvenience created. :pray:t3:

I will get back to you with an update in this thread once there will be any news.
Thank you for your understanding on this.

Have a good day!

Hello @sheme, thank you for your patience.

Our Developers managed to fix the issue with the line breaks that appeared as /n text. To see the improvement on your side please update the plugin to version: 2.7.0 and check if the line breaks will function properly.

In case there is anything else I can assist you with let me know :slightly_smiling_face: