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Twilio WhatsApp Plugin


Hi, I’m getting the following error from the whatsapp plugin, I already verified all the setup, please help:


Hello Daniel, thanks for reaching us!
As seen in the error message it seems that the data you introduce is not valid, there may be a mismatch in the phone number, shortcode, or sender ID.
Best regards, Vitalie.


Hi Vitale, thanks for your answer, I reviewed and I don’t see the mismatch, not sure what else is the mistake… any change to arrange a quick video call so you can help me review?

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Hi Daniel,
sorry we don’t do video calls.
Can you please paste some screenshots that show your settings of this plugin?


Hi Levon sure, below the screenshots from Twilio and Bubble:


Hello again, Daniel!
Please make sure that the phone number/numbers are correct because the error indicates that the number isn’t.

It seems that there is one number symbol shortage or excess.

Best regards, Vitalie.


Additionally, The numbers should be as in the documentation https://prnt.sc/qyulo6 , with the word whatsapp.


Hey Vitalie/Levon, it’s working now! Thank you very much!
I have a question though: In order to send the WhatsApp message I would need to buy a Twilio Phone Number, right? Now it’s working with the Twilio Test Number, but if I want to get personalized should I buy a Twilio Number?


Hi @daniel1
yes, you should get a Twilio Number. See this:

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Thanks! :pray: