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Twitch chat-and-stream plugin keeps clearing chat

Twitch chat-and-stream plugin keeps refreshing/clearing the twitch chat every time the page is reloaded.

Here’s the flow:

  1. User creates a listing that triggers a new page for that listing to be created.
  2. The page created has the twitch live-chat integration
  3. Anybody who views the page can chat (as long as they create a twitch account)
  4. If any user refreshes the page, the chat clears up completely.
  5. If any user enters the chat at any point in time, they don’t get to see the previous chat lines. It’s always clean.

Any idea how to have the chat saved for new users to see the past chat.



After reloading the page - past chat is cleared.

Hello @aljarwan.amna,

Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t allow us to get the messages that were posted before the refresh of the page. In the plugin is used iFrame of Twitch and we have no possibility to get data in order to allow displaying previous messages.

Best Regards,

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