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Twitch feed on multiple user profiles using Chat n Stream

I’m building a social media platform where each member has a site profile. Is it possible to use the Chat N Stream plug-in to display a user’s live Twitch feed on their profile (maybe automatically) whenever they go live on twitch? How would I set up the user’s profile to have them connect to their twitch account? And if it’s possible, are there any limitations I should know about?


Hi @dory, thanks for reaching out.

According to the documentation of the Twitch - Chat-n-Stream Plugin, you can drop live Chat elements & Video streaming elements in your app and create your own audiences’ experiences using Bubble logic.

For more information, please see its live demo page and demo editor to see how to integrate workflow actions to your app and see if that will work for your use case.

If you require any further information, let me know.
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