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Twitter API: 'Tweet' functionality not working in App, not showing Tweet IDs

Hi guys,

I’ve collected the oauth keys and copied the states and workflows of the editor documents but it is just not working in my app and I’m really frustrated. Everything seems right!

When I send a tweet using the demo of the editor it works! But in mine it doesn’t…

Here’s the my app editor link: Degenkit | Bubble Editor

I don’t get it…

Debugger says

Hello, @dcardinesiii. Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please tell me if the user authorization (the first step before sending twits) goes well on your side?
Also, would it be convenient for you to show me your plugin setup?

Please make sure your plugin setup is alike the one we have on the demo page.

Hello @kate

The user authorization seems to go well because I display it to the UI once connected, but I can’t be so sure since it isn’t working…

OAuth Workflows:

Plugin Setup:

Please let me know what’s wrong.

I’ve tried everything, unsubscribing now, this plugin doesn’t work

Please accept my sincere apologies for the late reply. :pray:

Another reason why the plugin may not work in your app is because of the fact you need to indicate the redirect URL in your Twitter developer account:

This redirect URL means there should be indicated a page where Twitter will redirect you once the authentication is successful. You have to add it in the following format (on my example):

I apologize for not being able to help you earlier. :pensive:
Please try the suggested to make the plugin work in your app just like in our demo page.

It still doesn’t work…

I’m pulling my oauth keys but when I try to activate ‘post tweet’, there’s no tweet_id being created.

The twitter account I’m using for dev portal is the same as twitter account I’m testing to autheticate, does that affect it?

this shows up

Hi again, Kate,

Any help at all?


Tons of apologies for the delay. We are currently investigating the documentation regarding the lack of guiding info.
To help you better, would it be possible for you to add our support@zeroqode.com account as a collaborator of your app? I’ll create a test page to make sure the plugin is working in your app.

Thank you :pray:

Hello again, Kate,

I’ve added Zeroqode as a collaborator, and many thanks.

Though I think because my API access is not elevated, maybe this is why it’s not writing to the accounts? Though it’s not pulling information also.

@dcardinesiii ,
Thanks for providing access to your app. :pray:

It seems like you can’t use the plugin anymore because you need to prolong the subscription on it. I’m sorry, but I can’t test the plugin work while the plugin is not active in your app:

Can you please resubscribe and let me know? So I can continue the investigation.