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Twitter oAuth Plugin - Problem getting the user's email address

I just bought your Twitter oAuth plugin because the Bubble Twitter plugin doesn’t capture Twitter user’s email addresses.

I am following the setup instructions in your documentation and it’s all working fine up until the point where I want to capture their email address… but nowhere in the “get user details” action does it list the user’s email… so I’m no further than when I was using the Bubble Twitter plugin.

(here’s the “get user details” list I’m talking about… I’ve scrolled through them and there is no sign of the email)

I want my users to be able to signup using Twitter and have their Twitter email address saved in the process, and I’m assuming you can get the user’s email with your plugin but I just can’t work out how to do it. Could you please help?

Hello @aslen,

Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t have the functionality for obtaining the email of the user. In the current version of the plugin, it is not possible to receive User’s Email.

Best Regards,

@alex.grimacovschi Thank you for the reply. Can I have a refund then please? I only bought the plugin because it sounded like it would give me access to my user’s Twitter email. Thanks in advance.

Hello @aslen,

All the Plugin sales go through Bubble and according to their policy, there are no refunds on the purchase of these items. At the same time, you can try to reach them out directly and ask for refund. Here is their email: [email protected]
Sorry for redirecting but we cannot do the refound, I hope for your understanding.

Best Regards,

Hello @aslen

We’ve pushed an update to plugin with new feature:

  • Request user’s email

Please do upgrade to the plugin’s latest version.

Read more about this feature here. This feature will require to fill out a form to request elevated permissions.

Once you request the email, when you can use the user’s email state from Get User Details Action in the next step (For example making changes to a thing):


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Thanks for the update Dumitru. I have resubscribed to the Twitter oAuth Plugin and have spent the entire evening trying to get it working… but while everything seems to be ‘working’ fine when I run it through the debug mode—it does get the email now—there is no user actually created in the database, and so the user remains logged out. No matter what I do I can’t get the plugin to create a new user. Can someone on the team take a look at my editor to see if I’m doing anything wrong? I’ve copied the instructions down to the letter.

So, to summarize: according to the debugging screenshots it looks like everything is working perfectly… but nothing is being created in the database :frowning:

Really appreciate any help you can offer, I would love to get your plugin working. Thanks!

Hello @aslen,

Unfortunately, the plugin is not creating the user by itself. In order to create and sign-in user, you will need to use default Bubble actions. Basically, you will need to add after the Step 3 of this workflow the action “Sing the user Up” and “Log the user in” in order to have the user being created and logged in.
Email for sing up you can get from Twitter, but with the password will be needed to create one by yourself. For example, you can use a user ID as a password.

I hope that helps!

Best Regards,