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Twitter User oAuth - 403 error

Hi team. I’ve set up the Twitter User oAuth according to the instructions. However I sometimes run into 403 error. What can be the issue?

This is the video of the error - https://www.loom.com/share/dd63a84a83e6443a941715b7eb739839

What is causing this error?

I am using this plugin in conjunction with another plugin which does Twitter oAuth for signup/login.

After the user signs up using another plugin, they are taken to this page where on page load the workflows are triggered.

If I use this page without going through the flow, it works. But not back to back after the flow. What is the issue?

Hi @himanshu0608sharma,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the plugin is going to work among with a different one. We recommend using our Twitter plugin as is, because otherwise it could get into a conflict and not work properly.

Your setups seem to be correct, and if you are saying it is working fine without using the flow, you can successfully use our plugin.

Thanks for understanding.


Hi @alexander my initial attempt was to use just one plugin only, however your plugin does not support signup/login.

That is the reason I need to use another workflow.

However, what is the reason for a 403 error? According to Twitter, 403 means that I don’t have access to Twitter Labs. If that is the case, it should not work in any scenario.

Hi @himanshu0608sharma,

Thanks for feedback. Perhaps it is not related to the Twitter Labs, but based on this use case - using the first plugin for oauth and then the second one to get tokens and fetch data, Twitter sees the already used token I’m afraid.

I can understand your request of using one plugin for signup/login, because our plugin is not an oauth provider indeed, unfortunately. However, we recommend using our Twitter plugin without intersecting with another Twitter plugins, in order to have a smooth experience and use its features at the fullest.


Hi @alexander. I tested your suggestion and used this plugin on a page without the flow but now it is not working even without the flow. And I ran this in incognito.

Hi @himanshu0608sharma,

In this case, could you please follow the instructions below:

  1. please make sure the plugin has been set up properly as per our docs here
  2. please make sure everything is set up as per our demo page here
  3. clear the cache and cookies in your browser
  4. give it a try again

If you still encounter the same trouble, we’ll take a look into your editor with our developers as well.