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TypeError: Plugin Walkthrough & Onboarding Tour

Plugin: Plugin Walkthrough & Onboarding Tour

Issue: Plug fails to start. The following error message is displayed.

The plugin Walkthrough & Onboarding Tour / action Start Tour a Tour threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘backdropElement’ of undefined
at n._showOverlayElement (https://dd7tel2830j4w.cloudfront.net/f1537877921121x778128635603934500/bootstrap-tour-standalone.min.js:22:50769)
at n.redraw (https://dd7tel2830j4w.cloudfront.net/f1537877921121x778128635603934500/bootstrap-tour-standalone.min.js:22:42167) (please report this to the plugin author)

App setup

Hello @ed1,

The issue appears because of insufficient time for initializing the action “Add Step”. Try to add all actions “Add Step” to the workflow “When Page is loaded” in this case, the actions will be initiated on page load and the action will have enough time to initialize.

Best Regards,

Hi Alex,

Many thanks. I added a 1 second pause between adding steps and starting the tour. It seems to have fixed the issue.

Now I have another issue.

Initially I added 3 steps to test. Then I added 3 more steps in the same workflow. But I continue to see only the first 3 steps despite refreshing the page multiple times. I have also removed the original Tour element and replaced it with a new one.

Hi @ed1,

Could you please share a screenshot of the workflow that is not working properly? Also, please check if the ID’s assigned to the last added steps correspond with the ID’s of the elements.

Best Regards,