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Uber Clone Template for destination with Address that auto fill

Wondering if this will work for a Pick up / destination with no real know address to google maps. I can see the roads on google maps. I can ever get to the street view but there is no address per se

Trying to see if this will work in the United States Virgin Islands. Can folks just select point on the map? Tried this in the demo but I can’t seem to get it to work where the address is not listed but I still want to go there


Hello, @clyde.daisley.

Since the template primarily uses Google Maps and Geo location services provided by Google as main route calculation from point A to B with a known location address which is a design choice and ease of use, but doing a workaround for your scenario would require some additional tweaking in template workflow so you could achieve this.
Basically it should be possible by changing the logic of the app. Some intermediate to advance skill in embedded functionalities and bubble would be required though.
Hope this helps.


Thank you for the fast reply. This will be the first project we are attempting using bubble since your template basically get us to 70% of what we want to do out of the box. We have some ideas now after diving into bubble a bit… thanks… great stuff!!

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