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Uber Clone Template


Let’s discuss everything about Uber Clone Template here :slight_smile:


I have a few questions,

Does it work similarly to Uber out of the box? How does it calculate rates? Is the payment system built? Does it show the driver en route in maps?
It talks about streaming audio, but I don’t see that in the demos. How does it work? what does it stream to?


hi can i use the uber clone app to create a app that connects barbers to clients and books appointments and shows real time and google map locations?


Hello @cotekris
yes, it works similar to Uber out of the box, the rate currently is calculated simply by the distance but you can change the algorithm as you wish. The payment system is built in using Stripe. And yes, it does show the drive en route in the maps. Not sure what you mean by streaming audio - we don’t have that in Uber template.

yes, you can use Uber Clone for that but maybe our appointments and bookings template would be a better match here? check it out https://zeroqode.com/template/bookings



hi thank you for replying i want to create it in a way that how people order a car and it will be there in minutes i want people to be able to book the appointment and they can get it in minutes rather than booking appointments for days or weeks after. thats why i was thinking the uber clone do you think i am able to customize the uber clone myself and make something like that? thank you


it depends how much patience and devotion you have to learn Bubble. Also, if you have any technical background, or used to program in school that would help a lot. Alternatively you can always hire someone to make the required changes


Hi Levon,

From the app description:

Amazing ride sharing template that replicates all Uber’s functionality! Features both rider’s and driver’s pages, which are formatted as a mobile app. As well as desktop pages for signup/signin and profile management. Add playlists and stream music from any device. Use these login credentials for a quick demo: email: [email protected] password: zeroqode#1
For any questions regarding this template please check out Zeroqode Forum.


sorry, it got copied over accidentally from another template’s description (Spotify Clone), i removed it,
thanks for spotting and reporting