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Uber eats template - New Restaurant Sign up

When new Restaurant tries to sign up and fill all the information and when we login through admin credentials, we are not seeing address/location and phone number under that restaurant details. I think location and phone number field is not getting fetched/saved properly.

Thank you for reaching out.

I’ve just tried to recreate the steps you have mentioned on the demo page and it seems like everything works on my end.

Therefore, to help with your issue, I would like you to send us the screenshots and/or video recordings showing the process of you signing up, and any settings/details that you might have changed in the template that could have affected the process. It will help us to identify the problem for you and resolve the issue that you have encountered.

Also, let me please recommend you to create a new template copy, then set up Google API keys in it, and try to reproduce your issue in it. Most probably, it won’t be reproduced as the new template copy you create has the same settings as our demo page, where your issue is not reproducing. Thus, you can compare the settings in the freshly created template copy with your app and troubleshoot an issue.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Have a nice weekend!