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Let’s discuss everything about Udemy Clone Template here


Can you give some information of cost that we need to pay for monthly operation if I buy your template to up and run on Bubble platform?


Hey Trung,
sure, here are the monthly pricing details that you would need to pay to Bubble https://bubble.is/pricing



Whenever I try to upload a video through the portal for lessons, there is an error:

How do I sort this out?


The problem is, that you didn’t set your youtube private key in API connector. Please follow the instructions bellow:


How much would Zeroqode charge to build a back end to this template to manage users and track data? If they don’t do this, what’s the level of difficulty in order to do it myself on Bubble?


@jordanbuddha this already exists, see screenshots


thanks so much for the speedy response!


How to add course and add student analytics for the backend dashboard.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Hello, the courses are added by the user who is registered as an instructor.
As for the student analytics it all depends on what exactly you want to add.


Hi Levon,
Thanks for your quick response.
I am trying to provide at least the basic analytics compatible to Moodle or other LMS -

I am trying to add course - having problems of adding courses. Is it a bug?

Please help



Let me guide you. As @levon said, the courses can be added by instructors (users) from instructor profile page and approved by administrator from the dashboard(there is a slider). (see images below)

You could try it in our demo: https://udemytemplate.bubbleapps.io/

Regarding analytics there isn’t a built in system which is provided the likes of Moodle in the current state of template.
Sorry for a delayed answer.