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Udemy template admin

I bought the udemy template on zeroqode and I’m having trouble don’t stick to it I’m starting on bubble:

  • I have an “admin” button which allows access to the administration of the site which is visible on the site for customers as for instructors would like to remove this button and create an administration area accessible to me by the admin. Can you guide me through the process to do please?
    Thank you and have a good day

Hello @igg.gallu

Thanks for reaching out.

I believe you can use workflow conditions on page load.

Something like On page load and current user is usertype “admin” the actions in workflow will provide access for admin page

And if the usertype is not “admin” when the actions in workflow will redirect the user to a different page let’s say on index.


Should be pretty straightforward and simple. Also maybe add a pop-up with login information credentials (email/password) to login the user as well.

Hope this helps.