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Unable to locate SuperViewWeb.rar file


Hi guys.

With regards to the “Android Quick Guide For Webview App” video documentation under Android Native App Conversion, i’m unable to locate the SuperViewWeb.rar file during the starting part of the video. Anyone can help me with this? Can’t seem to find it.



Open project and navigation to videos and that is all.

Best regards


Hi kopris,

Thanks for your response and assistance. i really appreciate it. I’m kinda lost when it comes to the video documentation. The fact that the videos are silent doesn’t help that much. i’m wondering why there’s no speech support for it. I hope you can help me. Perhaps you understand it better than i do. Actually i know the location of these videos,

Is Setup project the first video to start with? If it is, then where can i find the SuperViewWeb.rar file?


Am i starting with the right video documentation?


I’ve been trying to locate the SuperViewWeb.rar file for ages but still unsuccessful.
Do you know where can i find it?
i can’t find it in my Zeroqode Android folder.


In Setup video documentation, the video start with this.
My question is how do i get this file?
I can’t find it in Andriod Studio.



You have to open Android Studio and import project. That is all but if you want I can help you.
I will create an app for you. Please send me your site URL and splash screen in 2048x2048 also I need the icon for app 196x196.
I will create everything for you and send you project via WeTransfer.com.

Please send me your email.

Best regards


Hi kopris,

Yes, that would be great. Thank you very much for your prompt reply and help in this matter. Please help me create the app. I need all the help i can get. i would really appreciate that my friend because i’m stuck at the moment. Video documentation isn’t clear. Difficult to understand.

Email : [email protected]
Website URL : bypas.net


Hi kopris,

My target is to have an app that is basically android & iphone ready, buddy.
Please help me to create it since you seem more experienced and well-versed with app development.
Your expertise and assistance is greatly appreciated, my friend.


Thank you so much for responding and helping me out with my issue, buddy.
i really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.



Don’t worry :slight_smile:
I will create the app for you.
I will send you demo apk and project on email.

Best regards


Thank you my friend. I haven’t done any splash screen yet buddy.
Can i have your email?
I email you the website icon and other relevant stuff that you might need.



Please contact me on [email protected].

Best regards


Hi kopris,

i sent you an email. Did you receive it?



Please, check your email.

Best regards


Hi Kopris,

Thanks a lot. I downloaded and opened the files from WeTransfer.
How do i view the app? There are lot of files.
Can you guide me?



Open Android Studio and select File-> Open and select project.
That is all.

Best regards


The rar setup should be updated as there has been an update in the rar software. You can visit the link https://babasupport.org/apple/iphone-error-4005/ and download the software for iOS as well.