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Unable to Search a newly added listing


Hi, I created a new user in the live version and added a new listing, but the listing is not getting displayed on search results, please help.

Thanks and regards


Hello @siddhartha.a.agarwal,

We will check this issue and will do our best to provide a solution ASAP!
I will keep you posted in this regard.

Best Regards,


Hi Alex, is there any update on the issue?


Hi @siddhartha.a.agarwal,

Sorry for taking so long we are still checking the issue. I will update you as soon as we will have the solution.



Hi Alex, please tell if there is any update regarding the issue


Hi @siddhartha.a.agarwal,

Here is what was found. The search results are determined by the conditions presented in the following screenshot. Only the listings that correspond to that condition will be displayed. To change the conditions you should go to page search open the group List of rentals 3 columns and press “Search for Listings”.

Best Regards,