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πŸ“£ Updated Complete Startup Pack - Template by Zeroqode

Hey Bubblers,
excited to inform you that we have significantly improved our Complete Startup Pack template and now it not only includes a stunning renewed landing page but also these pages:

  • catalog (includes product filtering by price, adding products to a shopping cart or to a wish list, search)
  • product page (includes comments)
  • chat (with a few different designs and layouts)
  • blog (includes adding new posts)
  • contact

and just like before it still comes with dashboard with big variety of visual elements + landing page + user profile + login/signup pages and a huge set of UI elements like icons, buttons, paragraphs and many more
here is the link to the template https://uikitdashboard1.bubbleapps.io/
and a gif

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hi levon,

I’m newbie in this bubble, i got problem to understand how to create the menu and sub menu in this Complete Startup Pack. Fyi i can create the menu and sub menu tree, but i when i click the page was not appear.

Thank you.

Hello, @lemengdt.

Could please offer more details where are you trying to create the menu and sub menu? On what page? So we could understand how to guide you.
Also please post screenshots of the workflow and conditions.



For creation of menu and submenu as you need, there is already a example inside the template within the dashboard page.
So I’ll use it as a guide and offer you a walkthrough: At start creating a new group with menu and submenu actions. For the created groups, set state conditions in workflow for specific custom states with their respective values (menu and submenu) to show the only group needed when clicked on.


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I did that steps in workflow, but how to select the group that will appear when I click the menu or submenu ?

you need to go to the group’s conditional formatting and add a condition there, "when a menu custom state equals the value that you set through workflow. And choose that under that condition the group should be visible.