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Updating Availability on Calendar (Booky Template)


I’m using the booky template for my guitar tutors marketplace. Once a lesson is booked via my app the tutor’s calendar is blocked out for that time.

However, the tutors will obviously not be available for EVERY time slot outside of lessons booked via my app.

Is there someway for the tutors to update their own availability so it shows up on the calendar?


Hi @alexcooney6,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, this template doesn’t come with a functionality to display the tutor availability within the calendar. However, it is possible to build it on your own. Perhaps when creating a listing:

You can add another section with tutor’s availability, so you as Instructor can set the date/time and display this information later on when a student is viewing your course:

So it will be only possible to select the date/time which is comprises Instructor’s availability.

Hope it helps.


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