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Uphunt collections not showing


THe Uphunt template collections on the right side of the page doesn’t show on the homepage. It’s only when I click on certain topics on the left and then click on the home it shows. Why is that?

I bought the template and watched the tutorial but it doesn’t help


Hi there, can you please record a useloom.com video to demonstrate it? Also, have you made any changes to the app since purchasing the template?


Here’s a video describing the example. It happened when I got the app template from the beginning, even before the intro modification.



Hello @nk21

Thanks for reporting it.
Seems like there was a missing condition to showcase the collection during page load for a custom state with “home” value.
We added the condition now. See the screenshot bellow for the implementation into RG, you could change it to another one for your use case scenario.



Awesome that worked! Thanks :slight_smile: