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Uphunt Product Data

When uploading produtcs as new entrues in the database under products, they do not show up in the dated centre section on the home page. Only products submitted by users eg the demo user show up on the home page .
I am working off of the newest version of the template.

Hi @Kikik! Thanks for reaching out!

Please allow me to add a couple of details regarding the new products displaying:

  1. First, you create and submit your product:

  2. After that, you receive the notification about it being submitted for approval:

  3. The admin receives this product, and can now approve it on the dashboard.

  4. Here you can see the status of the product as not being approved yet.

  5. The homepage displays only products that have the status “approved”.

In our case, the demo user is also an admin, so the account can “approve” its own products.

Hope this helps!