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UpHunt Template Customization - Add product workflow duplication required?

Thanks in advance for taking the time!

I’m trying to customize the product submission popup in the UpHunt template.
I’ve removed the Input Field for “Video Presentation URL” that seems to be required for the “Add Product” Workflow. Do I need to keep this duplicated action with the “Only When” statement for a different Input Field?

Thanks again!

Hi, @joey!

Thanks for reaching out!

Currently, the template is designed so that the data (URL link) inserted in the field “Video Presentation URL” and images uploaded through the Uploader, are saved in the same filed “productPictureGallery” of the Product thing in the database, which is type- List of files. It means these two types of data are connected in the workflow. See screenshots below as a reference.

The first step says that if the Input (for Video presentation) is empty, then save only the pictures are uploaded through the Uploader.

The second step says that if this input is not empty then save the URL in the database- productPictureGallery

Because of that, deleting the input “Video Presentation URL” may cause errors in the workflow and its conditions. That’s why I would not recommend deleting the duplicated action with the “Only When”, even not to delete the conditions “Only when” in the other actions.

I’m afraid, I cannot provide the exact working solution on this matter, because it’s more related to custom implementation rather than template functionality. Anyway, please try to play with these fields, maybe have to change the database structure in order to let the data save correctly and be used as needed.

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.

Thanks, Julia,
I think I’ve found a workaround.
My products will only need a few separate image types, and the productPictureGallery won’t be necessary at this time.

I’ve opted to remove it and the Video URL. Replacing the with two side by side dynamic images.
For the time being, I’ve kept the duplicate “only when” statement pointing to one of the upload fields.
It works, but I think it’s redundant and I’ll likely create a backup before testing with the duplicate removed from the workflow.

I’m curious if I can review my database structure with someone at Zeroqode? I’ve made a few changes and I’d like to make sure I haven’t missed anything… This is my first build.

Thanks again!

Hi, @joey!

Glad to hear that you have found a solution :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, we don’t provide such services, sorry. The support that we provide with templates covers only general guidance and bug fixing if something is wrong with the template. Anyway, as an option, you may create a new app based on this template for test purposes in order to test your ideas and database experiments within it.

Best, Julia.