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UpHunt Template DashBoard Issue

I am having issues with the dashboard, whenever I try and go on the dashboard on the live site the info is not populating on the floatinggroup sidebar. I took a loom video here so you can see what I am referring to. https://www.loom.com/share/77573b3128c5453a8af2bc8d60c77cfd

Hi, @nocodenoproblem!

Thanks for reaching out!

There are two types of database, one for test version and the second one for live version. They are totally separated. The common are the tables that you create (the skeleton), but the values always are different, because these are two different application, I mean the test version and the live version are totally different on the database level. So, when you have entries on the test version, it doesn’t mean that you have them on the live version. To populate info on the floatinggroup sidebar on the live version, you can copy and restore the full database or only the needed tables, or do it manually on the live data base: https://prnt.sc/t03j53 . Your RepeatingGroup is empty because the live database is empty. sc/t03j53 .

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia!