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Uphunt Template - Overall sorting - Need help


Hey guys,

The template is amazing I have been trying to edit the template and to have the top section as most popular tools ie- the most upvoted items followed by what it is there currently ( sorted by day)- I have been struggling to solve it, Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In summary

Along with sorting according to with the date also wanted it to show the most popular of all time.



Hello @pagaria.anurag, thank you for reaching out!

I am afraid the solution that you are searching for is pretty complex as it will require redesigning the template. At least it will be needed to create a logic that will define when filtering by the most popular of all time will be shown and when filtering by days will be shown. Even if you would want to show only the most popular of all time, logic editing will be needed. Unfortunately, I cannot provide all the steps needed for achieving your purpose as it would need to be especially extensive. And also this request is more related to customization services than fixing current functionalities. From what I can suggest, for sure you have to take a closer look at the Group Products by Day. Basically will be needed to redesign that group or use it for the development of another one. In case you will want us to make the edits you always can send a request for a customization project here https://dev.zeroqode.com/?scroll=getstarted
Also, as an alternative, you can find on bubble forum a freelancer that could help you with customization. Here is the link to the forum https://forum.bubble.io/c/freelance

Sorry for not providing a full solution for your case, your request is more related to customization services than to fixing the current functionality.

I hope for your understanding!

Best Regards,