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UpHunt Template Reddit Style


How can I modify the uphunt template homepage so it includes the one long list similar to reddit instead of by days. I can identify the groups but can’t edit or don’t know how including adding pages for long lists.


Hi, did you buy the template already? we have a tutorial that shows how to modify UpHunt template, you can find it here: https://lab.zeroqode.com/course/uphunt-template-tutorial-1551150151195x341536133140709400


I bought the template and the tutorial but it doesn’t show how do to that in particular


I’m afraid we can’t cover all possible scenarios in our tutorials, I suggest you to take other courses -like Bubble’s Beginner course etc to understand Bubble better and then you’d be able to do any kind of modifications on your own. I’m afraid it’s not very simple to explain the changes that you need to do in the template via a few text posts and screenshots.
Sorry for not being more helpful at this time :pray:


I understand. Do you know how to add more topics? I followed the video but it only lets me edit created topics. When I add new topics it doesn’t register after clicking submit.


Hello @nk21

Creating topics could be done in the backend of the editor. Go to Data tab in bubble editor, app data select All topics and add new entry.