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UpHunt Template Support/Bug report - Registration box moves out of view is original template

Hi Team,

This support request is about the UpHunt Template.

Question: Registration box moves out of view is original template. See the link below to see how it appears to be a bug. https://www.creatorfocus.com/login?key=signup

Thank you.

Hello, @Onil. Thanks for reaching out.

Thank you for informing us about this issue. Indeed, this is a template’s bug. We will fix it asap and the fixed template version will be available when you create a new app, using the template as the basis.

As a fast workaround, you can simply move the group Signup Form up and place it right above the group Login Form. It should do the trick.

Once we fix this issue, I will let you know. Thank you for understanding :pray:

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Thank you very much for your help. Changes made on my end.

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You are always welcome!
Also, I’d like to inform you that we have updated the template. The sing up box issue, that you’ve reported, is fixed now. To check it out you can create a new template copy and press the “Sign Up” button on the preview.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation :slightly_smiling_face: