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Uplance payment plugin setup (stripe does'nt work in Africa)

Can other payments gateway like flutterwave for Africa be implemented to process own and freelancers payments instead of stripe?

Hello @manyactivepass, thank you for reaching out!

You can use any third-party service that provides API connection. Bubble has a powerful tool that allows you to connect anything you want through API connection. Here you can find more details about this tool. Please take into consideration that you will have to redesign all workflows related to payments. Also, before the implementation it is important to verify if the service you want to integrate provides all calls that you may need.

As an alternative to using API connector, you can use the plugins that are already developed to work with services like Flutterwave. From what we have I can recommend Paystack Plugin which is a payment gateway from Nigeria that works in Africa. Here you can find the description of the plugin and check live demo. Also, here you can look for other plugins that may suit your needs.

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Thanks Alex. Will check. I was also wondering how I can get in touch with the various builders to ask them specifics about the templates. For example 1) https://zeroqode.com/template/koinz---referrals--rewards-template-1566478320195x404620053430759800 2) https://thumbtacktemplate.bubbleapps.io/ 3)https://marketplacefiverr.bubbleapps.io/
4) https://zeroqode.com/template/uplance---freelancing-like-upwork-template-1521126522992x280884860676997120

Hello @manyactivepass,

About all of our products including templates you can ask us on this forum. Our team will provide all details that you may need.

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