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Uplance Plugins?


I am interested in the Uplance template but it says:
“This template uses 2 paid plugins. You will need to subscribe to a paid plan and subscribe to these plugins for the app to function properly. These plugins’ monthly fees amount to $35 per month”

How can I know, before purchasing the template, which plugins are those?
Can I buy them separately (with the BlackFriday coupon)?


Hello @guibio,
Thanks for reaching out!

Regarding the note on the Bubble marketplace, it is referring these plugins:

  1. Air Native Plugin by Zeroqode. (10$/month)
  2. Air Bundle - Top 6 Zeroqode Plugins. (25$/month)

These two plugins come by default in any of our templates, for users that would like to go further with customizing their app or adapting to native, by using Air Native Service and having an app on App Store and Google Play.

It is not mandatory, you can choose to keep them or simply delete them, they are not affecting any of the workflow process setup, which means the template works exactly the same as you can see on the live demo page without these two plugins.

As for Black Friday, the Air Bundle is unfortunately not included in the TOP 30 plugins. Therefore, I’m afraid there is no discount for this plugin.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me. :pray:t2:

Best regards,