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Uplance template help


I’ve once bought the uplance template from Zeroqode on Bubble.

It’s all working perfectly but a employe can invite a freelancer for there project but if a freelancer creates a quote/application towards a project it doesn’t only show up on the submitted sector of my jobs but also on the invites for jobs, where he can accept his own proposal… this a truly a massive mistake and needs to be fixed ASAP since we’re launching a campaign tomorrow where it should all work perfectly, could anyone contact me and help me solve this problem?

I can jump into a Skype call with one of you to solve it.

Already thanks!


Hello Jack,

We checked the template but the bug is not reproducing.
Could you please share the screenshots or video of the bug? It will help us to identify the cause and solve it ASAP.

Also, please check if you didn’t send the job offer to the freelancer from the profile of the employer. Currently, if the employer sent a job offer to the freelancer, and at the same time, the freelancer submitted a proposal form the list of jobs the project will appear in both lists Submitted Proposal and Job Offers.


So the first thing I did was creating a new account with a new subscription, then I scrolled to jobs and clicked a random job (the first one I saw) then It showed up the pop-up for creating a quote.

and after that it directly takes me to ‘my-jobs’ to see my submitted jobs, accepted jobs & invites for jobs.

But my proposal/quote towards the jobs is located in ‘‘offerte verstuurd’’ witch means: Submmitted, but also in ‘‘Invites for jobs’’ … ho can I disable the Invite for project? if you make an application on a on a job?

Thank you for the details and screenshots.
I suggest to do the following:

  1. Please try to create another app based on this template and check how it works. If the new app will work correctly you will need to check the workflow and replicate it exactly in your initial app.
  2. If this will not help you can give us access to your app we will inspect the bug.

if possible I’d like to give acces to the app since I’m really stuck at it …

Yes, sure we will take a look.
To give us access please open Settings - > Collaboration and invite [email protected].
Also, please disregard the notification with red about Professional Plan this is not applicable in our case.

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Added :slight_smile: thanks for helping me out this way. looking forward for a solution!

Got the access. We will check it right now.

Awesome, it’s all translated in Dutch but it’s a translation of the template, so everything has remained on the regular place.


Dear Jack,

Here is what we found.

It seems that besides translation was made modifications of the template’s elements. The problem with filtering job offers appeared because the filter condition was changed. If you want the data to be visualized as presented in the template please make sure that the filter conditions match our template.

For the group Submitted Proposal on your part filter looks like this

when in the template is set like this.

For the group Job Offers on your part filter looks like this

when in the template is set like this.

Please add to your template the filter conditions which is lacking to solve the issue.

Hope this will help!

Hey Alex, I’ve just integrated your advice and wanted to thank you for the solution! it works perfectly :slight_smile:

Hi Jack,
Happy to hear that everything works well. Good luck with today’s launching!
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