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Uplance Template - Inbox not working

We did purchase Uplance Template and let s be honest it s super cool thanks !
We notice a small issue or maye we use wrong - on the INBOX freelancer and employer - looking at the workflow this is supposed to display Conversaton - Message from different exchange on Offer - but on both dashboard freelancer and employer it does not work -
is this a bug in the template ?

Hi @JobFastDev, thanks for reaching out and for your appreciation (apologies for the delayed reply).

Regretfully we weren’t able to identify the mentioned issue on our side, the message exchange on the demo template works properly.
In case you’ve adjusted somehow the workflows within the purchased templates, allow me to recommend creating one more copy of the template, and by comparing the default setup with the adjusted one, you can easily identify the difference and issue cause.

In case this issue relates to the default template setup, please share a screencast (I suggest using the Loom tool), with the whole use case flow. it will allow us to provide the required support much faster.


Thanks Serg,
I have seen your test on template - my question would be from where do you engage a conversation?
I was into the test template and did not found the ACTION to send a Message
Thanks for your help

Hi @JobFastDev, thanks for your reply, now it is more clear.

The chat is initiated by the employer, on the Talent → My hires tab.
chat initiate

Hope this helps. if there will be any other questions, please let me know.


super clear - thanks you and also work into our production :wink:

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@JobFastDev you’re always welcome :hugs:

Have a great day!