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Uplance template typos


A few weeks ago I liaised with Levon who told me to post these typos on the forum and said you would be happy to fix them. The problem with the typos is, once you correct something it often breaks the site. So, not only would it be good to update the template with the fixes, it would be nice to get some instruction on how to correct things (ie the correct sequence) without breaking the back end.

This is what I could find, I may have missed some. Column on left is the location of the issue, middle column is the issue (typo), 3rd column is the correction:

Data type/Database Typo Correction
Admin commision commission
All admins commision commission
All Educations Programing Programming
All Employers employerJobInvitateon employerJobInvitation
All Employers empoyerJobActive employerJobActive
All jobOffers aplicationJob applicationJob
All payments adminPayed adminPaid
All payments comision commission
All payments freelancerPayed freelancerPaid
All Ratings ratingRecievers ratingReceivers
All Timers timmerActive timerActive
All Users jobOfer jobOffer
Employer employerJobInvitateon employerJobInvitation
Employer empoyerJobActive employerJobActive
Employer empoyerJobFinished employerJobFinished
Employer empoyerJobPosted employerJobPosted
Freelancer freelancerJobAplications freelancerJobApplications
Freelancer freelancerJobInvitateon freelancerJobInvitation
Freelancer freelanser freelancer
Job jovFreelancerCoverLetter jobFreelancerCoverLetter
jobOffer aplicationJob applicationJob
Payment adminPayed adminPaid
Payment comision commission
Payment freelancerPayed freelancerPaid
Rating ratingRecievers ratingReceivers
Timer timmerActive timerActive
User jobOfer jobOffer


Hello @paul.townley-jones,

Thank you very much for posting all typos in such a structured way, we appreciate it very much. Our team will correct everything and also will check for other mistakes.

Regarding the instruction on how to correct the elements’ names without breaking the functionality, I am afraid the instructions would be very extensive as each case is unique and needs an individual approach. In case you will have such issues in the future you can write to us on the forum and we will provide the specific instructions for your case.

Once the template will be updated I will let you know. Thanks again for reporting.

Best Regards,

Hi Alex, would the typo in this case be responsible for this error that has popped up?

I notice it says ‘Costumer’ instead of ‘Customer’. I haven’t been changing anything other than cosmetic text box/image changes, although I did recently update the version of Bubble.


Hello @paul.townley-jones,

No, this typo cannot be the cause of the error. Probably you deleted an object in the design tab, and that object was linked to workflows which caused the deleting of the workflow or action and consequentially appearing of this error. You can try to go back with updates and find when you deleted the object or as an alternative, you can create another app based on the template.

Best Regards,

Hi Alex
I didn’t delete anything, I suspect it is due to the Stripe update perhaps? I can’t seem to find out anything by going back. I have not touched anything to do with stripe stuff on the designs. I do think I updated the plugin though.
Does anyone have any idea??

Hello @paul.townley-jones,

Please try to revert Stripe.js version to the initially used (1.7.1). This error may be caused by the update of the plugin if the plugin owner deleted or changed the actions used in that workflow.

Best Regards,

Awesome, it seems to break when Stripe.js plugin goes to 1.9.0 or above. Thanks Alex!

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