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Uplance - View 'My Jobs' and edit them

Using the Uplance template, where does the employer see a list of all their jobs? On the ‘Job Offers’ tab in the employer’s profile you can only see Accepted Offers, Proposals Received (which seems bugged as you cannot approve them), and Offers Sent. However you cannot simply see a list of your Jobs created. If you do not send any offers, the job simply disappears. You can find it manually in the Jobs list but not in your own profile section.

Secondly, how does the employer edit their job postings?


Hi @paul.townley-jones, let me help you here:

As employer, you can see the list of all your posted jobs here:

Then all the jobs will appear below.

Unfortunately, this functionality is not present within this template. However, it is absolutely possible to make any adjustments to the template, so it looks and functions as you desire.

Thank you for understanding.


Hi Alex

#1: How do you get to that Find Your Job screen? I cannot find anything in the version I have that looks remotely like that screenshot.

#2: OK I will have to hire someone to fix that. It’s annoying that the templates seem to be unfinished. I think you need to be clearer about what the template can and cannot do when you sell them. I’ve gotten very close to asking for a refund because Uplance is largely unable to do what you would expect as a minimum it should do.


#1 - OK I managed to find it. You have to go to Jobs and then click Filters. Talk about a hidden function!
I will see if I can make it more accessible. Thanks

Hi @paul.townley-jones,

I’m glad you have managed to find the Jobs list. All available functionalities of our templates are visible and can be tested.
The template comes with general structured documentation - https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/uplance-freelancing-like-upwork-template which we encourage to study it as well.
In order to understand if you like the template, as well as make sure it fits within your required functionality, we are providing the opportunity to demo it. We strongly encourage you to test the template before purchasing.
In case there is a critical bug, you can always report and we are going to fix it, or if there is something you cannot find, we can help with that too, by answering general questions regarding template and providing guidance via forum.
Please note that all of our templates are fully customizable, and we recommend to have an intermediate experience with Bubble to easily tweak this template, or at least a basic understanding to be able to work with embedded functionality.

Thank you for understanding.