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⬆️ Uplisty Upvote Listing - New Template from Zeroqode



Uplisty is a clean and powerful ranking website that allows your users to create custom listings on your platform that they and others can rank and comment. This template has a fully dark mode

You can use this template to build ranking websites like:

  • Product Hunt
  • Nomad List
  • Betalist
  • Or any other ranking website

Features you will love:

  • Different mobile layout & desktop for optimal experience for your users.
  • Max 3 upvotes if email not confirmed.
  • Upvote comments & items.
  • Zoom images.
  • Comments per item
  • Submissions & comments only when email is confirmed.
  • Create accounts, login, resend password.
  • Animated custom menu.
  • Account settings.
  • Super quick search based on title, description and keywords.
  • Fully dark mode.*App remembers users last choices (even not logged in users)

Live demo: https://listingapp.bubbleapps.io

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