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Upload Informer issues


I just subscribed you your upload informer plugin but I can’t figure out how to make it work. Your demo page has a link to view the actions in the editor but the editor says I don’t have access rights.

I’d like some help on how to use this plugin. The file renaming action is an important need.


Ping ping ping ping ping. Please respond.

Hi @gnelson,

Thanks for addressing the questions!

I guess you are already able to preview the editor https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=index&id=pwc-file-informer&tab=tabs-1 and see how plugin works. Please check on it and perhaps try to replicate in your app to see if it works properly.

Sure, this can be accomplished here:

So, when you are using the Accept Current File Upload Informer action, you can override the file name.

If you have any other questions or some issues, please let me know and also share additional details like screenshots of your app/problem, workflows, what you are trying to accomplish, steps to reproduce the issue, browser and OS you are using etc., so we could provide a better feedback asap.


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OK. It seems I don’t understand the flow.

  • I’m using a button instead of a “group accept” to start the accept current file UploadinformerB.
  • Just for testing purposes I’ve entered static text in the override File Name field.
  • I don’t understand the attach file to type and attach file to thing. (I know what they are, but how is the file just uploaded being attached?)
  • I want to create a new video file and have it named as the data in the Override File Name Field.
    But there is no file to select in the upload informer options.
  • When I get the file name, it is the original file name, not the new one.
  • When I get a URL the file name in the url is the old file name, not the name it’s supposed to be overridden with.
  • Your demo page doesn’t show this function in use. It would be a big help if it did. Please allow us to upload a file and see it upload with a different name and be saved in one of your data things.
  • Which step do I add the 'Create a new thing;" at the click of the button workflow that accepts the current file UploadInformer B?, or at the UploadInformer B successful workflow?

Thanks for your help here. Hopefully you will answer this as soon as possible today.


Hi @gnelson,

Thanks for your feedback. Let me help with some insights.

You could use even a button instead of a group to be clicked, this is more of a preference.

You can insert even a static text to override the file name, but you have to also mark this checkbox:


However, I’m afraid this feature is not working properly, indeed. Please let our development team investigate it and I’ll get back with a feedback on this matter as soon as possible.

This field is attaching the file to a Thing (e.g. User), and you’ll be able to see it in the File Manager: (picture for illustration purposes)

Where it is attaching the object’s ID based on the Type/Thing you select.

For the file uploaded itself, you’ll have to actually use the FileUploader’s value, which is responsible for the file being uploaded.

For these, as mentioned above, please let us check on it whether plugin behaves improperly and fix the bugs.

Based on plugin’s purpose, it would be best to save the file into your database after the Upload Informer Successful event, but you’re free to choose and implement any kind of workflow logic that you desire.

Thank you for your patience. :pray:

Ok. @alexander Thanks for your help with this. Do you have any idea when you’ll have this file renaming feature working? And I have another question regarding that. If the file I’m uploading takes the information from the file uploader, how does the file name get overridden with the new name?

This feature is critical. I hope you get it working soon.


Hi @gnelson, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee estimates, but you can be sure that our development team will fix the bugs asap! I’ll reply with an update and answer your questions, as it requires an investigation first, in order to understand plugin’s behavior based on code that has been written. Thanks :pray:

Hi @gnelson,

We have fixed the plugin issues. Please do upgrade to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try again. Also, a small hint: we have added a new state UploadInformer’s File’s new name, so when you select the option to override the filename, you can use this state to save its name into your database.

Thank you for your patience. :pray: