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Uploadcare plugin frozen for some time

Hello Zeroqode team!
I’ve purchased the plugin. It works but there’s a problem: when you’ve just selected some files from you local storage it is frozen for 20-30 seconds and sometimes it throws errors to the browser (“do you want to wait or close?”). Could you help to resolve this please?
Thank you.

Hi @bulat, thanks for reaching out.

To be able to help you, could you please provide more details of this problem? Namely:

  • screenshots and/or screencasts of your setup - workflows, plugin settings (for the screencast recording, let me please suggest using the Loom tool).
  • screenshots and/or screencast of the issue you have (debugger, browser console, etc);
  • size/type of files used for upload.

That will allow us to identify a possible cause much faster.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hello, @bulat!

To continue your private conversation with my colleague Serg:
As you have removed the Advanced Multy-Uploader plugin from your app, we are unable to continue the issue investigation.

We are ready to continue whenever you install the plugin in your app and create the testing environment for us. At the moment, the reported issue is not possible to test within our demo page as well.

We can suggest checking your Uplaodcare plan. Probably your plan is limited to MB and speed, which could be the root cause of your issue: https://uploadcare.com/pricing/

Please let me know if you decide to continue the issue investigation within your app, or if you need any other kind of assistance.
Take care. :pray: