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Uploadcare Plugin Issues - "Shrink image before uploading"


I just purchased your plugin for Uploadcare and I can’t find where to set the functions:

  • “Shrink images before uploading” This is a must have in our application as upload times are critical.
  • How do you set which effects are active? Enhance / Blur / etc.
  • When the image URL is returned in Bubble.is it has a -Preview at the end of the URL which isn’t desired. How would we remove that?

Here is a link to their customizer which I’m referring to: https://uploadcare.com/widget/configure

Thank you,

Hello, @nathan.

Thanks for the support, I’ll look into it and update here asap.
Thanks for understanding.

Any idea on an ETA? I’m under the gun for this release, much appreciated.

Hi, Nathan.

Sorry but no eta at the moment, however we’ll try to speed up the things on our side.
Thanks for understanding.

Hello, @nathan.

Sorry for the delay, I checked the plugin and here are the answers regarding the questions:

  1. Seems like there is no such option atm.
  2. You could set the effects in Preview when uploading the images:
  3. The returned url ‘-preview’ parameter is added by the uploadcare’s api, it’s out of our control.


Ok, this plugin will not work for our needs. Please refund when you have a moment.


Hi Nathan,
sorry about that,
for refund you’d need to reach out to Bubble at [email protected] because the sales go through them