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Uploadcare plugin - setting initial value

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to set an initial value to the uploadcare uploader plugin from zerocode (https://bubble.is/plugin/uploadcare---upload-files--50-mb-1520947543761x612442212700782600?ref=bubblestore)

I want to enable the users to come back and revisit their uploaded images, and use the cropping tool and ordering functionality in the uploadcare uploader. is this not possible in this plugin, or do I just not find it?


Hello @kristerbagnkop

There is no set initial value option in a uploader, sorry for not being helpful. And the case scenario seems like not possible.


Hi Dumitru,

That is too bad - it is crucial to me and my app - and the functionality exist in this other plugin that is also using uploadcare: https://bubble.is/plugin/better-uploader-1542315161624x547723000140267500


Just spoke to uploadcare as well - they told me this:

" Actually, it’s possible – https://uploadcare.com/docs/api_reference/javascript/widget/#single-file-value

Probably, they meant something else related to bubble’s or their plugin’s architecture. Can you clarify this?

Can you confirm this for me?


Hi @kristerbagnkop

Let us check this out, more thoroughly and see what Uploadcare can do. We’ll update on the matter asap, once we have it.
Thanks for understanding and guidelines.


Awesome - thanks so much for this!

I would subscribe to your plugin right away, if you manage to make this possible! :slight_smile:


Hello @kristerbagnkop

We pushed an update with feature setting initial value.

Set initial files - Will open file uploader window with previous uploaded files.

Check it in our demo setup: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=uploadcare&id=zeroqode-demo-03&tab=tabs-1


Hi Dumitru, this is amazing!! thanks so much for adding this!

I found that I do have to refresh the page after upload however, to make sure the uploader grabs the new list of file UUID’s from my database - Any way to have it directly get that when the uploads are finished?

Another thing sorry: I need to run imgix processing on the images after uploading them when I display them - The way that I do that with the other “unofficial” uploadcare plugin, is through the following workflow:

However, I don’t find a “list of files” in your plugin (the last line on my images) - should this not be an option or is that another addition to your plugin?

Thanks again so much!


We’ll need to check this out.

As for the question, if understood you correctly you need the state with list of file UUIDs to use for your workflow and the plugin offers it .


Hi Dumitru,

For the second question my problem is I am not able to fetch a “list of files” from the uploader now - I use that to be able to save the files to S3, so that I afterwards can run imgix processing on them when I show them in my app.

Does that make sense?


@kristerbagnkop Hi!

Sorry for late response.
The lists of file UUID and lists of file URL will not give a “file” data type, but a text type with file UUID or URL with file location which you can fetch to use them in your next action.
If understood correctly you do need “file” data type to retrieve from uploadcare ?

Hi Dumitru,

No worries - thanks for getting back!

I am able to retrieve the files from uploadcare as a text like you say, but I am not able to retrieve them as a data type file, and store them in my database also, which I need to do to be able to run the imgix processing on them. Does that make sense?

Thanks again

@kristerbagnkop Hi. :slight_smile:

Yep, I got that part just wanted to be make sure is that you do need a “file” type to retrieve.
We’ll check this out and be back to you asap. Thanks for patience and understanding.


That is exactly right! thank you guys so much! you rock!

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Hi, @kristerbagnkop

We pushed the update with a state with List of Files type “file”.

  • New feature, get selected list of files in state “Selected Files Base64”.

Use the latest version of plugin, place the element on page and refresh the app to give it a try.

Hi Dumitru,

Thanks for the update! I have just been testing it out for a couple of hours now, without any luck in retrieving the list of files.

Regardless of what I try, the debugger tells me the list of files base64 is “empty”, even tho there are files in the uploadcare uploader (See screenshot 1)

What type of data should I try to store that list in (I have tried both with a list of images, and list of files without any luck) - With the old plugin I used, I saved it in a list of images using the following workflow (See the last line in the workflow):

Thanks again!


Hi @kristerbagnkop

Sorry for late response here. You’ll need to use the Uploader’s uploading is finished event for making changes to db.
See the demo setup: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=uploadcare&id=zeroqode-demo-03&tab=tabs-2

here’s the action:
and the result of it.


Hi Dumitru,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am however still not able to get the results you are showing - I even just tried on your demo app, where it also says “(empty)” in that workflow that you are referring to. See screenshots attached - both from my app, and from your demo app.

Hello @kristerbagnkop

Could you post a video of the whole process so we could replicate the issue? We still can not replicate the issue on our end
Also which OS/Browser you’ve tested on?
Thanks for understanding.

Hi Dumitru,

I tried to create a little demo showcasing first what it is I would like to achieve with your plugin - I can achieve it with the unofficial plugin BDK uploader (but the layout options in in this plugin is ruining my design, so that is why I would love to use your plugin instead).

Following that I try to show you what happens when I do that with your plugin - I forgot to refresh the page at the end of this video, but refreshing the page does not help either unfortunately.

So as you see, I am able to run imgix processing on the images uploaded with the BDK uploadcare plugin, but I can’t do that with your zeroqode plugin for some reason.


Let me know if I need to clarify anything else.

Thanks and all the best