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Uploadcare Uploader runs upload workflow on upload, not on confirm

The Uploadcare uploader seems to run the “When Uploadcare has finished uploading” workflow when the files have finished uploading, rather than when the user confirms the upload with “Add”. This means if the user uploads 5 images, waits for them to upload, but then decides to delete two or them, all 5 images still get sent through the data on the workflow.

Is this on purpose? If so, do we know a solution as to how to prevent it?

Just to also add I’ve run into something else. When uploading a video that is bigger than the maz allowed file size Uploadcare successfully recognises it is too big and denies it. However, it then freezes the page and it becomes unresponsive.

Hi, @maxlouiscreative!

Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback with regards to these troubles.

Could you please share steps to reproduce this case, because this is not reproducing on our side? Like what are you doing? Workflow screenshots and the result screenshots would be very helpful.

Let us check this carefully and I’ll get back to you asap.

UPD: we have checked this case and, unfortunately, the issue is not reproducing on our end. Anyway, the problem may have been caused because of the browser load. Please open your task manager on the laptop and kick off the File Uploads, upload a big file in order to see what browser processes are triggered and how much memory is left.

Best, Julia.