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Uploader - Filter files before upload

Hey team! I know you have a couple of uploaders. Just wondering if one of them could help me.

I want an uploader where someone could click a folder and select all the images in it. But then, prior to upload, have the list of files that are going to be uploaded filtered so only certain files will actually be uploaded. There will be a separate list of files (from a CSV upload) that I will use to filter what’s actually being uploaded.

User selects 500 photos, the list of filenames that needs to be uploaded is actually only 100 photos long, so when the 500 are selected, that list of files to uploaded is filtered down to just the 100 files who’s filename appears in the separate list of filenames. Can any of your plugins do this?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @andrew2,

Thanks a reaching out. Please let us investigate with our team then get back with a reply on this matter asap!

Wish you a great 2021!


Hi @andrew2,

Unfortunately, we checked on your usecase if any of our uploaders would help and it is not possible to accomplish it. The thing is that most of our plugins upload the files to the servers, whether it is AWS, Filestack, Azure etc., they do not offer the ability to filter the files because they are already uploaded once you browse them from your local storage.

Perhaps you can find some more help here https://forum.bubble.io/ and here is the link to all plugins available on Bubble’s marketplace https://bubble.io/plugins.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the reply @alexandru.rusnac

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