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Uploader Plugin is slow due to Unpkg js loading

Hi, we are experiencing inconsistent rendering times of the uploader control. It can take up to 30 seconds for the control to render and replace the default text that the browser shows for an input file control.

Looking in DevTools, it looks like there are a number of scripts from the filepond js library used by the plugin that load from unpkg.com. Most of these files are requested without a version number from unpkg and then redirect to the latest version. This causes a delay due to the redirect and because with this method, unpkg only caches the file for 10 minutes.

This is not unpkg best practice for including js - read more here - UNPKG

URLs that do not specify a package version number redirect to one that does. This is the latest version when no version is specified, or the maxSatisfying version when a semver version is given. Redirects are cached for 10 minutes at the CDN, 1 minute in browsers.

If you want users to be able to use the latest version when you cut a new release, the best policy is to put the version number in the URL directly in your installation instructions. This will also load more quickly because we won’t have to resolve the latest version and redirect them.

To @zeroqode1 - could you update the way the plugin is loading the js files to the best practice to improve the time to load?

Hi @sean.paley, thanks for reaching out and reporting this issue.

The developer team is aware of it, and checking on the matter, of how it could be solutioned.
Once any results will become available, I will let you know asap.

Thank you for understanding :pray:


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@Serg any updates on this? Would be great to have a resolution else I’m not sure we can continue to use the plugin.

Hi @sean.paley, sorry for no news so far.

Research and fixing might take some time due to the high workload of the developer team, but please be sure that once any news will become available, I will let you know asap :pray:


Hi @sean.paley, thanks for your patience :pray:

We have pushed a plugin update, that has fixed the issue related to the unpkg loading time.

To check changes, please upgrade your plugin to the latest version (Version 2.61.0: updated links in the header) and give it a try.

If there will be anything else that I can help with about our plugin, please let me know.


Thanks, will check it out