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Uploading Images from dropbox url directly to AWS using AWS Uploader

I have several files in dropbox and I would like to upload them to my AWS bucket using AWS uploader plug in. In place of uploading 1 image at a time manually. Can I create a database with the list of my dropbox image links (which I already have) and AWS uploader can copy the images from my dropbox url to my AWS bucket?

Hello, @yamirb
Thanks for reaching out.

I need to note that there is no possibility to directly upload files from dropbox to AWS through the plugin.
In order to upload all the files not by one, you have the next options:

  • Store the URLs of the files, which you have in your Dropbox, in your Bubble DB. After that, you will be able to transfer them through the “Upload Files FileUploadNoGUI” action.
  • Second option is to save these files on your computed and upload them by one single click together to your Aws bucket.

Please let me know which option is more suitable for you and I will help you to move further with this.
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@Ecaterina that worked. Thank you

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Hey, @yamirb
Happy to hear that!

In case I can help you with anything else - just let me know.

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