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Upwork Clone - New Template from Zeroqode


Hey all,
we have just published a new template - Upwork Clone which is currently in Beta and that’s why the price is only $199 for now but will increase to $377 once we are out of beta.

The template is a complex, responsive template similar to Upwork, where users can post jobs and freelancers can apply to them. It also has messaging functionality to enable communication between employers and freelancers. Payment integration is currently under development and will be added soon.

Here is the link to the template

and a few screenshots:

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

let’s stay in touch on twitter!


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Hi, Which functionalities are still in beta? and which would be the scope of the final template? Im trying out the platform and I found the following points I would like to check with you:

  1. The search bar on the top left always look for freelancers, no jobs
  2. Search functionalities for jobs are not working correctly, it shows 22 jobs found but shows only 2. the filters dont seem to work correctly either. The Jobs feed search does work, but it is a simple name search I believe.
  3. Would it have milestones functionality? I see the hours tracking but on the fixed price project I dont find the option to finish a job.
  4. How do I start a chat?

Thank you,

Rodrigo F.


Hey Rodrigo,
thanks for the questions.
I’ll ask our project manager in charge of this template to post the answers here

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

let’s stay in touch on twitter!


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Bubble Courses
Convert Web to iOS & Android
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Thank you for having look on our template.

Here are our plans for the second version of upwork clone:

  • Simplify the database structure and field naming, so it becomes easier to navigate and understand the databases.
  • Some pages will be removed, and replaced with new ones having SEO friendly links.
  • The workflow will be optimised, to speed up some actions on page.
  • Better support for multiple freelancers working on the same project.
  • integrating payment options from stripe, to have option pay directly from site
  • Also other small changes all over the template.
  1. The top search bar is one of features that we plan to redo from scratch. From now on you will search for Freelancers by default. When you are logged in as freelancer, you will be able to search for jobs and When logged in as employer you can search for both.

  2. Search page will be also optimised, to better fit the filters.

  3. Milestones were not part of the first version, but we add them to this one.

  4. Chat is private think between freelancers and employer, connected to each job (common project). Until you have not active job, (employer offering job and one or more freelancers working on it) the chat won’t start.



What’s the latest update on this template? Looks like it is still in beta. Let me know. Thanks!


Hello, yes, it’s still in Beta, we’ll try to implement the remaining features (like payments) till the end of this month.


Hello - I’m working the the beta template but I’m experiencing issues with my the data for jobapplications. It appears to be expiring or automatically deleting data entries after a certain amount of time but I can’t find anything in the workflow that dictates this…

Is this something you built it? If so, where? Thought I would double-check with you all before scouring my workflows for the hundredth time.

Many thanks,


Hello, Chris,
Job applications, the same as job invitations are automatically deleted when it becomes rejected. The beta is currently pretty far from the current version which is about to launch this week. To help you out with the beta just write me PM with tasks you want achieve or wait a couple of days for the release, where these issues are already resolved.


I know that they are working very hard on the template and I am interested in acquiring it since it is ready, when it will be finished?


Hey guys, we have just published an update yesterday and now the Upwork template is finished and is out of beta. If you already purchased the template before, simply create a new app based on the template and it will have all the updates inherited. Thanks!


Hello Levon,

I am evaluating Upwork template in preview, I click “Billing method” and nothing happens. Please provide more detail or explanation. Thank you


Thank you for letting us know.
We have updated the template and fixed the issue.


I see update to template, thank you. However, I still cannot complete successful transaction. Is functionality for payment not complete? Please explain. Thank you.