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[urgent] full admin access?


  1. What does “clear a restriction” mean?
  2. I see the DELETE button from the PopUp Delete Users Element, but the DONE button is not available. Is it under a different name?

Done Button?

I am trying to turn on the admin features.

Hello @TA_admin. Thanks for reaching out.

It means that the current Daty dashboard page settings have some restrictions that do not allow for NOT Admin user to change any data on it.

Apologies for the inconvenience, our documentation contains a mistake. We will fix it asap. Please check and verify which steps you have already completed:

  1. remove this banner - https://prnt.sc/vobyis
  2. remove a condition from the DELETE button - https://prnt.sc/voc52i
    remove/disable current active workflow - https://prnt.sc/vocff1
    activate inactive workflow - https://prnt.sc/vocg0z
  3. change workflow for the SAVE button - https://prnt.sc/voccw0
    remove/disable current active workflow - https://prnt.sc/vocddt
    activate inactive workflow - https://prnt.sc/vocdyj


Thank you for your response and direction, @kate ! I have completed the steps that you listed above. Is there anything else that needs to be done in order to have full admin access?


Nope, this should be the whole list of things you should do. I will let you know once we fix the docs :pray:



Please accept my apologies for such a huge delay with the answer. We have updated the template documentation with some relevant info. Please check it, when you have some time:

I hope it will be useful to you :pray:
Take care.