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Urgent Help Needed! Search result page not showing after clicking on Search button



I have a major problem with my platform. This is edited from the Airbnb template.
After feeding in data location input and clicking on the Search button, it should be taking the user to the search result page as its supposed to, but its not. It remains stagnant on the homepage. This wasn’t an issue before.

As a result, the user is stuck on the homepage. Been trying to trace the root cause for some time now but still unsuccessful. Any idea what’s causing this? Pls help. It’s urgent. Platform is down at the moment.

Below are the screenshots.


Hello @technopreneurx

Thanks for reaching out! I’m actually not sure how we can actually help you with the issue. :pray:
I believe the best way is to track down with a step by step debugging process, maybe there was some modifications done in workflow.
See for example the app by reverting to an earlier version of it, or alternatively send a bug report to bubble https://bubble.io/bug_report.
Hope this helps. :pray: