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(Urgent) How to hide youtube link to video on the embbed for the patreon template?


I bought your template for patreon.
The issue I’m having, is that when posts are locked with a tier, when unlocked, people can access the youtube video link by clicking on the emb logo, which then means they could share this link further… We really want to prevent this. These videos shouldn’t so easily sharable.

Is there a way to block that? Like remove the link from the youtube embbed?
Would you recommend another video hosting system that would prevent such thing?

Hi @danycerone,

Thanks for using our products. I’m afraid there is no way to block the Youtube video link sharing, but you can simply implement the logic so your customers upload a file from their local drive, meaning it is going to be available to your patreon users that supported a tier only.

Our template is set up with external links like Youtube or Vimeo videos just for demonstration purposes, and as a starting point of your project, but you are able to customize it as you like, to make your Bubble app look and function as you desire.


Thank you Alexandru, I’ve just tried adding a video with vimeo, how do you make it work?
It doesn’t, it shows a broken youtube player. What exact link should be shared for a vimeo video to work as a post?

Hi @danycerone,

Thanks for feedback. So if you want to upload a Vimeo video, it is required to change the Video source of your player element first:

So it will be able to receive and preview the Vimeo ones. But the link should be simply the URL of your Vimeo, like this one: https://vimeo.com/446827718 or it is best just to insert the Video ID: 446827718 .