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Urgent: Stripe Marketplace Express - Showing Vendor Transactions

Hi All,

We purchased the Stripe Marketplace Express plugin and tested it but we are now seeing our vendor’s transactions outside of our own marketplace transactions.

Can someone from the Zeroqode team contact me asap?

Many thanks!

Hi @laila ,
Thank you for your message and purchase.

Would it be convenient for you to provide more details regarding your use case?

Namely, screenshots and screencasts of your workflow setup, plugin element, the issue you see, and the expected result, for screencast recording I can suggest using the Loom tool.

Please record a video in step-by-step mode with the browser’s console enabled, in case there are any error messages there, and share a link with us so we can understand better your use case.

These details will help us reproduce your setup on our side and look into it.

Thank you once again and looking forward to your reply.
All the best, :slight_smile:

Hi @Igor,

I’m using the Stripe Express Marketplace plugin & Uplance Template
I’ve set up the plugin. Please see screenshots.
What I expected to see was to be able to transfer the value purchased from a client to our vendor. But we are also able to see their payments with other purchases outside our marketplace including sensitive information. We don’t want to see data from other purchases. What needs to be done here?

Hi @laila,
Thank you for your reply.

To assist you with your use case and check with our development team, would it be feasible for you to provide screenshots of your workflow setup, as well as a detailed description of the plugin action you are using and the steps involved?

Additionally, is this problem occurring with all of the Seller accounts that are linked to your Stripe Dashboard, or only with certain ones?

Thank you once again and looking forward to your reply.

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Thank you for your support @Igor

For context, I am Laila’s colleague. I have attached a loom video showcasing the workflows and given some further background and context to the issue we are having. I hope this helps:

HI @Igor ,

Do you have any updates? We are happy to join on a quick call to resolve this.

Hello @ciaran,

I appreciate the video and additional details you provided. I have shared them with our development team for further investigation. I will inform you promptly as soon as there are any updates.

@laila, thank you for your message.
I apologize for the delay in responding due to the weekend. Our team is currently working on resolving the reported issue, and I will notify you as soon as there is any progress. Please note that we only offer support through the intercom on our website and forums. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any further information to add or if you manage to resolve the issue, please do not hesitate to let us know. :pray:

Best regards,

Hi @Igor

Apologies for the urgency but this is really holding us back from going live. Is there any chance we can get some answers today?

Thank you so much.

Hi @laila and @ciaran,
Hope this message finds you well.

After a thorough examination with the development team and referring to the Stripe documentation, we have observed the following.

In the Loom video you shared, which demonstrates the workflow, you are using the “read_write” value for the scope parameter in the Stripe plugin action “Connect express/standard account”.
We recommend you modify this value to “read_only”.
Please refer to the screenshot attached below:

To find more examples of workflow setups, you may refer to the plugin demo editor page at: Zeroqode-demo-19 | Bubble Editor

Please try our suggestions, and let me know if they helped you.
All the best, :pray:

Hi @Igor,

Thank you for this and we are implementing it. But we can still “read” data from other marketplaces with this change.

We don’t think this is normal, is it?

Hi @Igor ,

We just implemented this and got the following message:

Hi @laila,
I appreciate your response, and I’m sorry to hear that our suggestions didn’t provide a solution for you.

Could you kindly share some screenshots of your workflow where you’re using the Plugin actions and indicate precisely where you’re encountering the error message? Is it appearing in the debugger, browser console, or on the Stripe dashboard?

Based on my understanding, I can’t say for certain, but it seems likely that this issue may be related to the permissions enabled on your Stripe account, specifically regarding whether or not transactions are visible to all users.

We’re eager to hear back from you, so we can collaborate with our development team to investigate this further. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Best regards,