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Url and display name change

is there a way to change the the url of my app from the one I’ve set when first starting it?

I understand that .bubbleapps.io remains until I pay for bubble, but I’d like to change the preceding word.

Also, is there a way to change the display name of my app (the one that’s visible on the tab and in the web preview). As of now, the default name is either “Bubble Application” when viewed in “incognito” mode or “Contractor” when viewed in “Preview” mode.

Thank you

hi @olga.reinholdt :slight_smile:

unfortunately this is not possible, the url is generated automatically based on the app name that you choose when you create a new app. So a workaround here would be to create an app from scratch and choose the name that you want to appear in the URL

sure, this is done in the settings-> SEO/metatages, see the screenshot below